Tell me about your hair!

I've created this form as a quick guide to analyze your current hair situation and decide which of the New Guest Services to book for our first visit.  This will ensure that we have enough time reserved to make the magic happen.

After you submit this form, I will respond by email within 24 hours, Tuesday through Saturday.  We will go over any follow-up questions and I will give you a quick overview of which booking option would be best for you.  At your convenience, you can then check my schedule online to see all the times I have available and book your appointment.

Please Note the Following Terms & Conditions

By submitting this form, you understand that

  • This is a general consultation form designed so that I can help guide you to choose the service best suited for your first visit.

  • If you desire a more thorough explanation of the coloring process or a more detailed analysis of the current condition of your hair, we would need to schedule an in-person consultation.  I reserve 30 minutes for consultations to ensure that we have plenty of time to connect and formulate a plan.  There will be a $40 charge that will be applied to your follow-up visit if color service is performed within 30 days of consultation.

  • It may take multiple visits to achieve your goals.

  • Your goals may not be achievable due to the texture or condition of your hair, previous chemical services, etc.

  • Your appointment time is not reserved until you receive an appointment confirmation by email.

  • The wait for a New Guest Service could be up to 4 weeks.

  • Adding your name to the waitlist does not secure an appointment time.

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Thank you so much for your submission!  I will respond by email within 24 hours, Tuesday through Saturday.