So excited you're here!


You can use the link below to request an appointment.  I will review my schedule for the date, time and service that makes most sense for your hair needs and respond or reserve your appointment within 1 business day.  You will immediately receive an emailed confirmation of your booking.  Please take a look at the policies page for details about cancellations and other important information.

When you arrive for your appointment, you'll know you're in the right place when you see the Legacy Salons & Day Spa sign.  You'll park in front of the building, which faces Tuesday Morning and Ace Hardware.  Current COVID regulations require for you to wait in the comfort of your vehicle until your are notified that it is time for you to come in.  When you enter, you'll be greeted at the front desk and directed to my suite.

During your visit we will start with an in-depth consultation and decide on a flattering style that meets your lifestyle needs and desired look.  Your custom tailored color formulation and treatment plan will be kept in my system so that we can always pick up right where we left off at the previous visit.


We have Wi-Fi, refreshments, phone chargers and more to keep you comfortable during your visit.  


While styling, I will recommend techniques and products for home use.  You will have the opportunity to purchase the recommended home haircare products and book your next visit, if you wish to do so.

Then you're free to show off your fabulous hair at dinner with your husband or girlfriends, or just enjoy your blowout for the next few days.  Can't wait to see you!


If you are a new guest or it has been 6 months or longer since our last visit, we will need to do an extended consultation to (re)evaluate your hair goals and ensure we have plenty of time to perform services necessary to help you reach those goals.

New Guest Services

As a new client, your first visit will require extra time for a thorough consultation and the services necessary to achieve your desired look.  After your initial visit, your maintenance visits will be charged at my regular price.  Maintenance appointments and pricing are for clients that receive services with 5 months or less between visits.  I am happy to accommodate clients wishing to go 6 months or more between visits, we will just need to book each visit as a new client service to ensure we have plenty of time to reconnect and achieve your goals.

Pricing is broken down into time blocks to eliminate confusion during booking.  The more time we reserve, the more we can achieve in one session!

Please review the services below and click the "New Guests Click Here to Request an Appointment" button to submit your appointment request. 

Dimensional Blonding

This service is best if you're starting your journey toward lighter hair, or if your hair is already light and you're wanting to add brightness/dimension or fine tune your color.  Since most looks require multiple sessions, this is the most common time block for new highlight clients.

2.75 hours 200+

For thick or below-the-shoulder length 

3 hours 225+

Specialty Blonding

This service is best if you're wanting your overall look to be MUCH lighter and/or brighter, need to neutralize excessive brassiness, blend out old color/highlights, or haven't had your hair colored in more than 5 months.  Depending on what your hair has endured prior to your initial visit with me, this time block will allow us to achieve the maximum degree of lightening possible for your hair in one visit.  

3.25 hours 235+

For thick or below-the-shoulder length 

3.5 hours 260+

Full Color

This service is best if you're wanting to match your existing color, have complete root coverage and refresh end color, with minimal or no highlights.

2.5 hours 180+

For thick or below-the-shoulder length 

2.75 hours 200+

Transformative Color

This service is best if you're wanting a base color for complete root coverage + specialty blonding, a complete transformation, need multiple processes to correct a previous color, or the integrity of your hair has been compromised and special care needs to be taken to repair/prevent further damage.

125+ per hour


This service may only be booked as an addition to a color service.

.5 hours 63+

When requesting an appointment, please be sure to provide details for the services you would like to receive and whether you have long and/or thick hair.