So excited you're here!

So, you found me and you feel like I'll be a good fit for you... Now what?



You can use the link below to select and book the service(s) you would like to receive at your first visit.  If there are any extra details you would like for me to know, just add them in the memo section of your appointment.  After you reserve your time, you will receive an emailed appointment confirmation.  You will also receive an appointment reminder by text and/or email a few days prior to your scheduled time.  Please, take a look at the policies page for details about cancellations and other policies.


Before Your Visit


Please, feel free to bring photos of hairstyles and haircolors that you like.  Even if you aren't sure if they're appropriate for your face shape, hair texture or lifestyle, that's ok!  We can discuss the details and determine what will work best for you.



We will start with an in-depth consultation, look at any photos you have chosen, address any concerns you may have from previous work done or styling issues that are challenging you at home.  We will decide on a flattering style that meets your lifestyle needs and desired look, formulate your custom tailored color and treatment plan, and discuss beauty budget for your investment.  Details of your color formulation and plans for future visits will be kept in my booking software, so that each time we meet we can always pick up right where we left off.  While styling, I will recommend styling techniques and products for home use.  At check out, you will have the opportunity to purchase the recommended home haircare products and book your next visit, if you wish to do so.

Then you're free to show off your gorgeous hair at dinner with your husband or girlfriends, or just enjoy your blowout for the next few days.  Can't wait to see you!

Click here and select from the New Client Services if you are a new client and you would like to book for a Consultation with a...

Haircut and Style (75min, $105)

Single Color, Haircut and Style (2.75hrs, $200+)

Partial Highlight, Haircut and Style (3hrs, $225+)

Full Highlight or Balayage, Haircut and Style (3.5hrs, $250+)

Highlight with Base Color, Haircut and Style (3.5hrs, $325+)

Specialty or Corrective Color, Haircut and Style (5hrs, $500+)

Please note New client pricing is slightly different than the pricing on my service menu.  We will need an extended time to do a thorough consultation, and plan for first and future visits.  Exact pricing will be confirmed during your visit.

If you are unsure which service to choose, click here to contact me.